The Best Way to Save Money Shopping Today

There you are at a high-end bed and mattress store looking longingly at a top-of-the-line creation. You are about to get married and a super-comfy high-end memory foam mattress with a pillow top for $4500 seems like something you absolutely must have. Of course, you can’t shell out more than $2000. You try to give the salesman the benefit of your considerable skills in negotiating, but you’re unlucky that day; the salesman seems even more experienced than you at thwarting requests for a 50% knockdown on his prices. You walk out disappointed. The following day, you are with your fiancee visiting a bridal show (her idea). And you happen to see a stall by the mattress manufacturer right there; better still, they have the very $4500 mattress you were hankering after the day before. There’s just one small difference in the pricing – they are offering it to you at $2000, all included, and you don’t even have to ask for delivery or haggle. You do snap up the offer then and there; but you also wonder at how the best way to save money on some things may lie in places no one ever suspects. Why would anyone think to wait for a bridal show before they bought a mattress? That’s just the thing though. Sellers do this on purpose. They want to create a little retail buzz with low pricing; but they don’t want to go all out where everyone can see the discounts. That way, they would lose too much money. How do you know where you need to turn up for the best savings?

For whatever people tend to associate with newlyweds, you’ll often find that the best way to save money on those things is to visit a bridal show (and every other kind of exposition or tradeshow can be the best way to save money, too). Honeymoon cruise companies that are anxious to have the custom of honeymooning newlyweds show up there with unbelievable discounts; so do furniture sellers, clothing sellers, kitchenware sellers – just about anyone who expects you might need their services once you get married. All you need to do is to pay a $10 cover fee and it’s open season. If you want to keep your sanity the following day though, make sure that you don’t give them your real e-mail address or phone number. You won’t have any peace from all the marketing e-mails and phone calls you get. To make sure that the bridal expo you go to has the kind of stuff that you’re looking for, remember to check out their venture list before you actually go.

There are other great places that you can show up at for some great savings too. At orientation week every year for college students, you’ll often find them handing out lots of discount coupons for local businesses that sell things that students might need. You’ll get discounts off computers, shoes, clothing, car repair – everything for businesses in the area. And you don’t have to be a student to take advantage of any of these offers.