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How Businesses Block Websites from their Employees

If no one in your organization is getting any work done because they are always distracted by the ever-inviting Internet available to them on their desks, it is possible that you have considered setting up a web filter that could help your employees help themselves from getting sucked into the delights of the Internet any moment you turn your backs on them. If you have been trying to learn something about which websites to consider keeping out […]

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Turning Advertising Basics on their Head

The advertising basics employed seem solid on some ads – the music is beautiful and catchy, the photography is spectacular, the concept seems to really hit home, and you’re left with a feeling that’s powerful enough to make you want to watch it again. More importantly, you remember the product that the advertisement pushed and what the brand name was. Take up some of these advertisements for regional businesses – regional pizza chains, computer retailers or manufacturers […]

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