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Electronic Payment Services for Small Businesses

Businesses that specialize in electronic payment services are beginning to realize that inexpensive alternatives to the typical credit card processing terminal are now possible. There have been market studies done by the promoters of some of these electronic payment services; and they find that almost all of America is completely happy with the idea of going completely with the smartphone for money transactions. Let’s start with a particularly versatile system called OboPay. What makes OboPay as powerful […]

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Cellphone Providers Take Over as Providers of Online Payment Services

One even remembers when e-commerce and online payment services were all about buying on eBay with PayPal or with your credit card on Amazon. It did occur to people that it would be nice to pay with their phones, but it never seemed like it would amount to anything more than reading out your credit card number to a customer service representative who took your order over the phone. Today though, it’s finally happening. The app-enabled smartphone […]

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