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Electronic Payment Services for Small Businesses

Businesses that specialize in electronic payment services are beginning to realize that inexpensive alternatives to the typical credit card processing terminal are now possible. There have been market studies done by the promoters of some of these electronic payment services; and they find that almost all of America is completely happy with the idea of going completely with the smartphone for money transactions. Let’s start with a particularly versatile system called OboPay. What makes OboPay as powerful […]

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Earn Extra Money on your Credit Cards

Using plastic doesn’t really reward you well these days. Not even when it comes with all those heavily advertised rewards miles, bonus points and whatnot. The card issuers are taking back what they give you with the other hand – in the form of higher interest rates, stingier credit lines and a tougher fee regime. And worst of all, if you thought you could at least earn extra money through those rewards points, they’re taking an ax […]

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