How to Make Money Selling your Clutter

Believe it or not, your home is a storehouse of stuff you can get good spending cash for. You might find it hard to believe, but those old clothes, DVDs, books, unused tools, whatever, are actually worth money. Here’s how to make money selling your clutter.

Let’s start with clothes – because everyone seems to have too much of these. Your basic rule for finding stuff to sell in your closets would be to clean them out twice a year – once before the end of winter when the warm weather sets in, and once before the end of summer when the cold where the sets in. You could clean out clothing that you know you won’t be interested in wearing the following year, and take them to a clothing resale outlet. They usually judge the state the merchandise is in on the spot and hand you cash. Sometimes, you come across consignment shops. These are places where they take your clothes and display them for three months. Whatever they make on them, they give you 40%.

Do you have a home office that you often use to work in to make a living? Well, as you’ll see, there’s more than one way to use your home office to make some cash. Look around – do you have any used printer cartridges? Sell them to Staples and you can get cash back. How about other electronic stuff that you don’t use anymore? Sell them on or any one of the secondhand gadget websites. You can gather up DVDs, VHS tapes, laser disks or anything else you have cluttering up the bottom drawer anywhere in the house. If you’re wondering how to make money online selling these, eBay has lots of legacy entertainment enthusiasts waiting to snap these up.

We all have our wedding china all safely wrapped up somewhere on some upper-level shelf waiting for that special occasion. Face it, “the special occasion” hasn’t shown up in about 10 years now. Places like will pay hundreds of dollars for these articles. If you want to learn how to make money selling stuff, you probably want to go about it with a bit of personal organization. Buy Rubbermaid bins to keep around the house someplace unobtrusive. Use these bins to drop in anything you come across everyday that you feel you can well do without. You’ll find that you’ll have your inventory for a yard sale in no time.